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Like trying to ram a marshmallow into a keyhole…

 When asked by women’s site Bustle what she hated most during sex, Courtney said:

“A flaccid dick … it’s like trying to ram a marshmallow into a keyhole.”

Now, you probably don’t remember the first time your little soldier stood at full attention below.

That’s because it almost certainly happened when you were an infant. Male babies start getting erections at an early age, as their nervous systems develop.

And it was only recently that I learned that baby boys get an average of 5 hard-ons per day!

Lucky dudes.

But as men get older, many of us start to struggle with the “limp dick” syndrome.

We can’t get our rods hard, or maintain its hardness long enough for penetrative sex.

It like trying to push a marshmallow into a keyhole.

It sucks.

Marshmallows don’t get hard.

But dicks do.

Yes, even soft, flaccid ones that makes a grown man cower in shame.

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